What a White Dress for the Formal Should Be Like

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Published: 26th October 2012
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If you acknowledge that a woman looks most beautiful when she is in her wedding dress, you would agree that white is a beautiful color for formal dress. However, if you are going to choose white as the color of your formal dress, you should not take a white formal dress just as a wedding dress without its veil and other bridal ornaments. Although some white formal dresses might just look very similar to wedding dresses, there are good reasons for a formal dress to be a formal dress and a wedding gown to be a wedding gown, even when they are in the same color.

Then how can we tell the differences between a white formal dress and a typical wedding gown? Usually a wedding gown is all white and most of the other things to wear will also be the same color, while for a formal dress, contrast colors are always used to make the whole piece more dramatically attractive but fit in with other girls’ formal dresses. The design of a white formal dress is also usually simpler than a wedding dress as a formal dress does not have to tell who the wearer are and so it removes a lot of embellishments that only a wedding dress needs. A formal dress does not need a long tail or flounces all around the floor-length floating skirt.

However, the differences between a white formal dress and a wedding gown are not so many that the two kinds could be clearly told apart from each other. More and more often we see people wear wedding gowns that look like formal dresses and sometimes designers just borrow features of wedding gown for new formal dress designs. Therefore, you have to have a clear idea of what a white formal dress should look like so that you will not look "bridal" at the formal.

First of all, add some other colors. Green, red, purple or blue would all be good colors to make a white formal dress look more distinctive. A most used way to add the other color is to have a colored waist belt. Embroidery is also a good choice. Besides, the color of shoes, jewelry and hair accessories can also help make the wearer of a white formal dress look more like a formal queen than a bride.

Then the length should also be considered. Unlike a wedding dress always with floor-length skirt, a formal dress would look perfect with short skirt with simple lines. A formal dress should be designed in such a way that people wearing it will feel comfortable while dancing, walking around and having fun with friends, so a white formal dress should give up what beautify a wedding dress but drag the legs of a formal girl.

Another thing to think about is the skin color of the wearer. Although a white wedding gown fits any bride, a white formal dress usually looks better on dark skin, because the match of white formal dress and white skin is not as good at attracting attention as the match of white and darker skin. An alternative is to select the right color tone of the makeup, such as thicker eyelashes and darker lips. Simply remember that you are wearing a white formal dress to impress your fellow school mates, not a wedding gown to get married, so just dress up to be as attractive as possible.

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