Try Your Talent in Designing Formal dress

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Published: 26th October 2012
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Girls with deft hands definitely have a great advantage over other girls when all of them are looking for the “perfect” formal dress. While most girls are visiting online or offline dress stores to find the ideal dress that has everything they want in a prom gown, some girls with the habit of “doing it yourself” are trying to design such a formal dress all by themselves, and a few of them confident in their handiness even do the clipping and sewing on their own, not only to save the money but also to show off their creativity in achieving their dreamed things.

To design a formal dress of your own unique style, all you need are just some fashion magazines, a pencil and an eraser, several pieces of blank paper, and a pair of scissors. Do not hesitate to cut down the pages of the magazines that have pictures of dresses with your favorite parts, such as the neckline, the skirt drapes, the waist ornaments and patterns and colors. Since you aim to design a unique formal dress, you can just take works of celebrated designers as reference, or in a simpler way, just combine different parts of different designer formal dresses together to form your own design. Then, after you have made it clear what you want the different parts of your own formal dress to look like, you can start to draw sketch of it. If you are not skilled in drawing, you can do this part by copy-drawing on thin paper that is translucent enough for you to see the outline of dresses on magazine pictures. You may need several pieces of blank papers to draw different versions of your imagined formal dress and an eraser is necessary for minor adjustments to each sketch.

As long as you finish the sketch, the job of design is almost done. Although you may feel satisfied with your own work, as amateur designer, you still need advices from the professionals. Take your sketch to a sewing store or anyone you know who have professional experience in making dresses manually. The professional surely knows better how to make the sketch more realizable and what else may be needed to make it a perfect design. Also in a sewing store you can choose from real fabric that will become your own formal dress, and have a clear vision of what patterns or colors match better with each other and with the overall design. After all is done, what is left is just the sewing job, which you can either done by yourself if you are competent in sewing whole piece clothes or have a professional seamstress do it at much lower cost than buying a new formal dress.

If you have never tried to design and make a formal dress with your own hands, you can just try it once to see if you have the talent in designing formal dresses, because you will never know it unless you try it. Of course, in order not to screw your prom day up, you can try it first with your old clothes before designing the dress you are going to wear for real at the prom. Anyway it will not cost you much as all you have to pay is only for the fabric and the service fee of a seamstress. Compared to the price of a new designer formal dress, a significant part of which is for the designing, the cost of a formal dress of your own design makes it not only an economic choice, but also a creative one.

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